Aethereus Trailer

Join forces in on-line multiplayer cooperative expeditions as the Inventor, Astrographer, Officer or Animist and venture into uncharted wilderness of Aethereus seeking fame, glory and untold riches.

Invite your friends to your own customized Nexus City-State where they can buy, trade or build unique items only available in your specific area. Decorate your city-state with statues in the likeness of you or your friend’s characters or the wild beasts of your arena.

Challenge your friends to PvP or Coop combat in your uniquely designed town Combat Arena. Partake in bold expeditions to capture extraordinary Beasts that you can use to populate your Arena. Design and create a variety of arena combat scenarios using your library of beasts, traps and contraptions that will dazzle your friends, awe the crowd and make your arena one of the sought after combat meeting grounds.

Embark on a variety of procedurally generated expeditions with your friends discovering new lands and situations to overcome. Design and build new gear, weapons and inventions to solve the many challenges that await you in the world of Aethereus.

Join up on our forum during GamesCom week from August 17 – 24 to be eligible for free GamesCom AETHEREUS personalization package! The pack includes weapons, gear and other goodies, and is only available for those that sign-up during GameCom 2011.